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New changes for med gas certified members

Legislation passed in 2010 and 2011 created significant changes for the plumbing industry and in medical gas system installation and service.  These changes became effective 11/27/2012 with the following effect on journeyman and master plumbers installing, repairing and/or maintaining medical gas systems in Minnesota:

  • Your med gas certification is now tied to your Minnesota Journeyman or Master’s Plumbing License.
  • It is each member’s responsibility to keep their med gas installer & brazer certification up to date. Effective 11/27/2012 you must also complete and mail to the state the Plumbing Registration Medical Gas form, a check for $53.00 and a copy of the front & back of your current med gas card.
  • If you do not complete this application process with the State of Minnesota you are not authorized or licensed to work on any type of medical gas in the state. Med gas NFPA certification can be verified by anyone at
  • You can go to for additional information or click on the Med Gas Registration form.
  • The State of Minnesota will now keep records of those individuals that are licensed to install, repair or maintain medical gas systems in the state. You must follow the steps listed above to be licensed with the State of Minnesota to install, repair or maintain medical gas systems in Minnesota.


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